First and foremost we are musicians and the need to create is second nature to us. Everyday we are inspired to compose and create music that reflect our emotions.


Here we can offer you tailor made compositions that are inspired by our vision, or work with yours to help create something specially for you that you can identify with. As an alternative, you also have the option of selecting songs from our large database which caters to all genres of music such as pop, hip hop, classical, r&b, dance, world, rock and raggae.


We create for all industries and  media including radio, internet, corporate, tv and film. 

For prices and quotes please fill out the contact box below and leave us details about your project, or contact us directly at inquire@lkcollective.com



We understand the importance of mixing and mastering to give your project a premium sound. Mixing and mastering are the last pieces to creating the full sound experience. Our close attention to detail is definitely what sets us apart. Our skilled engineer team will work closely  with you and make sure that you leave with a project you are proud of and are excited to share with the world. 


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We are dedicated to bringing out the best vocal performance out of you. One thing that sets us apart at LKCollective media is that a vocal coach is present for all live recordings. This gives the artist the opportunity to do proper warm ups before they sing and get guidance on articulation, lyric pronunciation, breathing and mic techniques.

Our skilled house engineer will make sure that you leave with your best recording.