Multidisciplinary Artist, Mentor
and CEO.

Caroline Akwe, is the  Founder and Owner of LKCollective Media She is a classically trained pianist, singer songwriter, music producer, composer and sound engineer.

On a music  career spanning on over 15 years, Caroline uses her technical knowledge and experience to guide vocalists in their musical journey. Her approach is 'individual based' as she is focused on identifying the areas needing immediate support whether it'd be musical style, proper breathing, vocal performance, pronunciation, musical phrasing, vocal range, singing from the diaphragm, as well as helping the singer 'master a song.' and more.


She creates personalized warm ups and helps singers make a direct connection between theory and actual singing.


Her passion is to contribute in artists journeys and development and help them propel to thrive. Her approach can be used on any level singer.

For a detailed overview of Caroline's vocal class, please click on PDF file. below.

“Caroline is highly knowledgeable in vocal theory but more importantly to me as an artist, she helped me find confidence in MY sound. She is able to provide music theory for singing in a fun interactive way and help establish the fundamental habits required to improve one's voice.” 


Cubanbrown, Singer/ Performer @cubanbrown